Canadian Screen Award Nomination

I was thrilled to find out that I was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for my directing work on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. I'm currently working on the show so it was so nice to see it come full circle. It's an amazing gig with an even more amazing cast & crew. And I love Halifax!

Lots of great nominees this year and I'm honoured to be among them.

Ben's at Home now on Netflix

Very happy to share that Ben's at Home will be available on Netflix starting October 31st! So many wonderful people were involved in making it happen and it's nice to see it getting some good traction - and fresh eyeballs. Also loving all the random people getting in touch to find out what breed of dog Schnitzel is.


Shooting new show "Starfalls

I spent most of the summer working on the new single camera comedy "Star Falls" which will be premiering on Nickelodeon next year. I had a blast with the amazing cast & crew and some really fun location days in Port Hope. Oh and... I was directing while 8 months pregnant :)

Youth Media Alliance Award

I had a wonderful time last night at the Youth Media Alliance gala where I received the Emerging Director Award. I'm so honoured to be recognized by such a wonderful organization promoting great work in the kids space. Big shout out to Sinking Ship Productions for their ongoing support and all the opportunities they have opened up to me. They surprised me with a performance from the lovely young ladies from Dino Dana and Odd Squad. 

Murdoch Mysteries - Beyond Time

I'm excited to announce the launch of the new Murdoch Mysteries digital series Beyond Time which I had the pleasure to direct.

I had the opportunity to work with some amazing cast from the show including Kristian Bruun, Lauchlan Murdoch, Peter Keleghan and Mouna Traoré. We also had special guest Alan Doyle (of Great Big Sea fame). It was a very fun shoot with very ambitious days. Really thrilled with how it all came together.

Two episodes are being released every week on the CBC website:…/videos/beyond-time/beyond-time-episode-1

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 5.49.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 5.49.15 PM.png
Contemplating a shot on set :)

Contemplating a shot on set :)

Back on Odd Squad

It was great to see things come full circle and find myself on the set of Odd Squad again. As usual it was a fun and challenging couple of days. Night shoots, rain towers, vfx creatures! Also a guest appearance from Delivery Doug and Delivery Debbie (I'm a big fan!).

I'm really looking forward to how these episodes turn out! Here's a little peak at one of our night exteriors.


Photo credit: Diana Galligan

Photo credit: Diana Galligan

Dino Dana

It's been exciting few months working on the new Amazon Series Dino Dana. I had the opportunity to direct five episodes including the epic half-hour special.

Lots of fun Dino VFX and spectacular locations: waterfalls, cliffs, Toronto Island with a gorgeous city skyline.


Zerby Derby

Live action, remote control cars that talk! That's Zerby Derby. I had a great time directing on this very fun show. Spent the days outside (the location was stunning) and had a blast voicing some of the awesome characters. It was a unique challenge and different from anything I have ever done. Very happy with how it all turned out and can't wait to see the episodes come together.



Backstage Anti-bullying Campaign

I had an opportunity to direct a series of videos for the show Backstage as part of DHX's Stand UP! Anti-Bullying Campaign. Each video was a short scripted scene that tackled different issues from cyber bullying to protecting privacy.

I'm really thrilled how these turned out. Shout out to my partner in crime JP Nynkowski for putting this amazing shoot together and DP Ian Macmillan for really honing in on the look of the show so well.

Check out the videos below:

CFF Writing Panel

I was recently invited to participate in a writers panel for the Canadian Film Fest. Very honoured to be amongst such great writers!

*my hair looks so fancy in this photo :) Yikes!




Ramona Barckert (At Home By Myself With You, Degrassi, Wynona Earp, Open Heart), 

Mars Horodyski (Ben’s At Home * winner, 2015 CFF Best Feature)

Elan Mastai (The F Word, The Samaritan, Alone In The Dark)

Jonathan Sobol (The Art of the Steal, A Beginner’s Guide To Ending, Citizen Duane)

Karen Walton (Ginger Snaps, Orphan Black SI&II, Jane Doe)


Directing on Odd Squad

I had the wonderful opportunity of being the first woman to take part in an amazing new initiative driven by Sinking Ship Productions, the DGC and Women in View.

I was teamed up with Warren Sonoda and was given a chance to direct my own episode of this amazing Emmy award winning show. Thanks to the entire Sinking Ship team/crew for bringing me onboard for this and making it such a great experience!


Had a blast working on the hit web series Carmilla Season Zero! It's a very different show, all shot web-cam style (although we did have some fun with a security style cam!). The Carmilla fans are serious and I already had my twitter blow up a little bit after the initial release.

Check out the first couple videos here:


DGC & IATSE Creative Dynamic

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in a panel for the DGC & IASTE event Creative Dynamic - looking at the relationship between directors and cinematographers.

I never thought I would find myself speaking with a panel next to Atom Egoyan but I guess that's a good sign!




Ben's at Home wins Audience Choice Award at Gasparilla

It's been a pretty incredible weekend. To add to all the wonderful news, we just found out we won the Audience Choice Award at the 2015 Gasparilla Film Festival. We were lucky enough to attend and were blown away by the encouragement for the film. I also had a chance to participate in a panel about Women in Film.


Women Filmmakers Panel, GIFF 2015

Ben's at Home secures Canadian distribution

We announced some exciting news after our screening at Canadian Film Fest this weekend. Ben's at Home has been picked up for distribution by Pacific Northwest Pictures. I'm so thrilled to have such a great distributor behind us. We are planning a theatrical release across Canada in May.

(L-R) Jessica Embro, Dan Abramovici & Schnitzel, Mars Horodyski, Anneli Ekborn, Mike Reisacher, JP Nynkowski, Ben's at Home 2015