Spoonfed in Palm Springs!

I just got back from an amazing week at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films. Spoonfed screened in the "Father and Son" series along with other great shorts including Moon Molson's award-winning film "Pop Foul". The film was really well recieved and I think I stood my ground (best I could!) at the "Father and Son" Q&A - considering I am neither a father nor a son:) I flew down with filmmaker/actor friend Christian Lloyd who had a film called "Getting Lucky" in the Film Market. He was a film festival virgin but we popped his cherry with no trouble - he became a networking genius! Otherwise I spent most of my time with three awesome Brits who kept me laughing! We took a roadtrip to Joshua Tree National Park and spent a night in Santa Monica. It was top joey!


Hanging with Tim, Moon and Duncun.

Geared up for the "dry heat".


Banana burdened cowboys at Bear Wear Etc.

Loving my time with Mr. Lloyd!