This Sunday we launched the new First Weekend Club series Canada Screens - which I'm co-producing - with a special screening of "C.R.A.Z.Y.".

I had the unique opportunity of hanging out with Jean-Marc Vallee over a drink after picking him up at the train station on Saturday night! You can imagine what a wonderful experience it was spending time with such a talented director. I was nervous :)

We ended up with a full-house and a ton of enthusiasm from the audience. I think everyone had a blast. The unique thing about the event is that it's intimate, and social. You can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine while you watch the film... I think everyone appreciated that.


Hanging with, Jean-Marc Vallee and Kelsey Matheson who I'm co-producing the series with, she's also the Eastern Regional director of First Weekend Club. She was wonderful to work with and I have no doubt the next event will be just as exciting :) Check out her blog:


Following the screening we had a nice dinner at the Drake, and were hoping to hit a karaoke bar afterwards - Jean-Marc has a not-so-secret dream of rockstardom. Unfortunately Sunday did not turn out to be the night for karaoke in Toronto. Nevertheless is was an amazing evening!