Nuit Blanche Project!

I've been invited to be part of a Nuit Blanche exhibit called "Concurrence". The event will be happening in October and I will be preparing a short film to showcase.


    A multi-disciplinary exhibition of contemporary visual art by Emerging
Canadian Artists.
    Concurrence is a showcase of contemporary art featuring works by young
creative minds meeting together for one night only to share their unique
experiences, successes and perspectives at Nuit Blanche 2008. The event's
aim is to encourage a dialogue and a creative exchange between emerging
artists and new audiences.
    The theme of Concurrence refers to a rare snapshot of the young artists'
development from their origins to the present and beyond. Simultaneously, it
is through the mapping out of their individual paths across continents,
cultures, styles, ideas and media that Nuit Blanche happens. With various
points of departure the artists harmoniously blend a global consciousness
with fine art and design practices, thus capturing the state of creative
expression as being in constant flux.

More details will be posted shortly at: