TIFF Blog: Last Days - Screenings & Parties

So I had to step back a little bit due to an application deadline that
I was contending with. However I still managed to get some film
festing into my schedule. On Tuesday I saw my friend Justin Simms'
film "Down to the Dirt". It was amazing! And I'm not just saying that
because he's a friend. It's so wonderful to see something on screen
that you know is going to succeed. The film was written by Joel Thomas
Hynes - who also played the main character. Hynes really brought a
lot, he was captivating to watch.

With Kelsey Matheson, Anita Adams and director Ingrid Veninger at the Telefilm party

At "Barney's Version" Premiere party with Grazka Taylor
After the screening I headed to the Manitoba party and hung out with
writer/actress Alexandra Staseson (who also works for First Weekend
Club). It was a really fun night. The next day was a run around of a
day trying to get my application in... Thursday I made to the
screening of Malcolm Rogge's "Under Rich Earth" - which brought to
the surface an unsettling story of a small village in Ecuador facing
the dirty ploys of a mining company trying to set up camp. Following
that I hopped over to a shorts screening where I ran into Jeremy Munce
who edited Bruce McDonald's latest film Ponty Pool. Jeremy and I met
in Berlin when Tracey Fragments was screening there. Oh Berlin... Well
it looks as though the festival is coming to a close for me... I'm off
to one last meeting and then will regroup and rehash some final