Wrapping up my feature treatment...

After months of time allotted at various local coffee shops, I'm happy to say that I've finally finished writing the treatment for the feature film I've been working on. Tentatively called "The Tower".

Raymond often dreamt about his death, although he did not know what it meant. He did not want to die. He wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t unhappy either. Things were stagnant. Still. They hadn’t changed in a while. He was still working his job as a paint technology analyst, a job that his father had gotten him a year ago. All day he stood around with a stopwatch and watched paint dry.

It made him think a lot.

So Raymond spent the average 4.35 hours that it took paint to dry thinking about his life up to that point. Quantifying every moment to the tune of a stopwatch…


My brother did some amazing illustrations to go along with my story.


Check out more of his work www.myspace.com/adameshu