TIFF Blog: Wet and Happy

Although the CFC BBQ got rained in, the turn out was good and so was
the general energy. Everyone huddled into the two main tents, and
colorful umbrellas decorated the entire premises. I made the mistake
of wearing heels (yes I chose style over practicality!) and struggled
a little through the muddy conditions. Luckily one of my friends was
working the event and lent me her flip flops - Christina thanks again!
Kelsey got a great shot of my muddy feet after I stepped right into a
wonderfully huge mud puddle.

The mysterious thing about the bbq is
that it never gets rained it - it hasn't in the past 20 years that its
been happening. As the hot topic was the CFC's 20th anniversary, the
change in weather seemed to mark a new start, a change - one of the
speeches did allude to that, although what exactly that change meant
was still to be determined. Overall I had a great time - saw a lot of
people and fellow alumni. I went out with a few directors from my year
- Justin Simms who has a film at TIFF called "Down in the Dirt", I
going to the first public screening which is tomorrow- and Pascal
Trottier, another great director who is finishing up his latest short.
We grabbed a beer at Hemingways and dished about our latest directing
trials and tribulations...


Later that evening I went out to the Boat to support Justin's
soundtrack release party. The band was great and the crowd danced the
night away...


Tonight, the First Weekend Club/Whistler party, then possibly the
"Mother's and Daughters" screening, their party, then Mongrel, then
Maple... whoa, I can't forget that I have an early morning meeting -
oh festival...