Artscape "Spotlight" for Creative Places & Spaces Conference

I've been asked to do a "spotlight" (3-5min film) on the Centre for Applied Genomics at MARS (Mars, funny I know!)

A series of 10 spotlights will be showcased at the Creative Places and Spaces Conference in October.

Creative Places + Spaces is one of the world's leading forums on
creativity. Under the theme of 'The Collaborative City', this year's
event will engage global perspectives on collaboration and connect them
with local change makers. Come meet some of the most creative thinkers
in Toronto's exploration of the art and science of collaboration.

I'll be focusing specifically on the Autism Genome Project that the Centre for Applied Genomics is undertaking.

It's quite a challenging topic and the only spotlight with a focus on science. Here's my take:

By showcasing the unique and multi-dimensional
characteristics of Autism, this film will explore the many perspectives
necessary to bring innovative advancements to this field of research. Through
the use of abstract/sensory-based imagery, interviews and verite style documentation
– it will attempt to paint a picture of the complexity of what the AutismGenome Project is taking on.


More information about the Centre for Applied Genomics :