Shadowing Steve Wright on What's Up Warthogs

I spent an amazing four days on the set of the Family Channel series What's Up Warthogs shadowing director Steve Wright. With Steve's extensive experience in kids television and series work in general, I knew I would pick up a ton of stuff from him

What's Up Warthogs is a sitcom style show shot with a multi-cam set up. It was my first time seeing this style in action and though it's tricky at first, you definitely get the hang of it. Showrunner, Dean Batali (That 70s Show) was a treat to have on set, with all his past sitcom experience.

Each episode was broken up into two days - one full day of rehearsal and one full shooting day. It was an interesting way of shooting and although very fast-paced, it allowed for a lot of freedom because of the full day of rehearsal.

I was really impressed by the positive atmosphere on set. The producers (Aircraft Pictures) and creators (Julie Sagalowsky and Alex Diaz) had instilled a very nurturing environment on set and it showed. The last block we shot was the second season finale and also the last day of shooting for the cast & crew. It was an emotional day for everyone and althought they were all happy to get a break, they were sad to leave.

Definitely a set I'd like to work on!