Shadowing T.W. Peacocke on My Babysitter's A Vampire

Oh man, shadowing T.W. was a blast. He's hilarious.

I'm learning more and more with each shadowing gig that you really need to go into television directing light-heartedly. I appreciated T.W.'s approach - his signature grunting and abiliity to make the crew laugh.

Even when it feels like there's way too much to shoot in one day (and there is), it really helps when you can lighten the mood and make everyone feel like they are part of the journey.

For this show I had the opportunity to be involved right from the beginning, through the entire prep phase. As much as I love being on set, I was even more excited about seeing this part of it.

My Babysitter's A Vampire (which aires on the Disney Channel & Teletoon) is in it's second season and has brought onboard some very impressive directors - including ofcourse T.W. but also Bruce MacDonald (for the TV movie) and Paul Fox. It's got a distinct cinematic look which really makes it stand out as a kids show.

I had a chance to discuss the importance of the look/tone of the show with one of the show's producers, Brian Irving and the writer/showrunner Tim Burns. It was great to have a chance to pick their brains during the process.

Unlike Warthogs, the show is shot in 3 days with no rehearsal. The episode we shot was the Halloween one and there was a lot going on - costume changes, SFX, Makeup FX, stunts - the works. I really enjoyed witnessing the whole process and see how much planning, focus and flexibility it takes to get your day.