CFC TV Teasers 2011

I had the wonderful opportunity to work on the CFC TV Teasers again this year! I was lucky enough to work on two comedies with talented writers Simon McNabb & Sasha Mervyn.

The productions were challenging as always with 3 hrs to shoot, a short rehearsal, four person scenes, tango dances, chicken mascots and limited resources. In the end though we pulled it off really well. I was thrilled with how both came together.

Simon's was a hilarious comedy called "Jillian Jones Mascot". The show centres around Jillian a mascot (chicken mascot) for a local baseball team, her mascot handler and roommates. The crew included Kayla Lorette, Jon Blair, Julie Sype and Terry Jones. They were amazing! I worked with DP Robert Walsh who helped us work quickly and get more shots than we had hoped for. Like last year Rob was amazing to work with!

Sasha Mervyn's show "Three To Tango" is an upbeat family comedy centred around a dance studio. We were lucky enough to get a real dance studio to shoot in and an amazing cast to pull things together. The Kate Trotter, Tricia Braun, Andrew Kraulis and Matthew Lemche. Daniel Grant came onboard as DP and did some magic to light the huge space with such a limited amount of time. He was delightful to work with!