Genies 2011 - Ottawa

I joined First Weekend Club at the Genie Awards this year in Ottawa. It was a really lively event with William Shatner hosting and some amazing musical performances.

The atmosphere was very intimate and gave me a chance to meet a lot of wonderful people. I even had a chance to talk to Denis Villeneuve, asking him why he had taken a four year break after making his second feature "Maelstrom". Apparently he took the time to go back to school for screenwriting and to spend time with his kids. It goes to show that the mad rush we're all in to get a film made isn't always the best approach. After the 4 year break he made Polytechnique and then Incendies right after. Amazing.

 I also had a hilarious conversation with Tyler Labine - a Brampton-based actor and music producer. Hopefully some future comedic collaborations will come out of that. I had a chance to sit down with a fellow Ryerson grad who had a short film nominated for the second year in a row. However my producer friend Lori Lozinski and her team snagged the short film prize this year with their zombie, residential school musical "Savage". It was great to see them recognized! 

Actor Anna Hardwick, Adriana Maggs (Genie Nominee, Best Original Screenplay for Grown Up Movie Star), me and Kelsey Matheson (Director of Operations, First Weekend Club) 

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Here's a great write up Anna did of the event: 31st Annual Genie Awards - More Fun Than The Oscars