Tao of Discovery Premieres at Doors Open Toronto

The eight-part short documentary series that I co-produced with Kimberly Bagayawa (The Firehouse) will be priemiering at this year's Doors Open Toronto event. The short films will be playing at MaRS Discovery District all weekend.

This project began in August 2010 and continued over the months with a great team of directors (Lynne Kamm, Spencer Maybee), editors (Tiffany Beaudin, Mike Reisacher, Dev Singh) and animators (Ash Edwards, April Suen) onboard. I also had a chance to direct 5 of the short docs.

It's wonderful to see them complete and finding an audience! We've also garnered some interest from the Ontario Science Centre and hopefully they will be showcased there aswell.


The Tao of Discovery is a series of eight short
films that profile some of Ontario’s top medical

We’ve taken the scientists out of their labs and
into relevant personal locations to explore their
passions, their research and the spark that
drives them.

Each film explores a scientist’s elusive and
personal “tao of discovery”—the origin and
evolution of the “Eureka!” moment and how
they pursue their scientific objective. Find out
what inspires them and what spurs unexpected
insights. Uncover the core characteristics that
propel the search for meaning and cohesive
explanation. Is it curiosity? Perseverance? A
desire to find simplicity and elegance?

The Tao of Discovery offers an accessible, lively
and, at times, quirky look at the real people
behind the lab coats.