On set for Jerry Ciccoritti's new film

I was recently invited by the CFC to do some director observing on Jerry Ciccoritti's new film "The Resurrection of Tony Gitone".

The film was being made with an ultra low budget (shot on Canon 7D & 5D Mark II SLR cameras) and the script was developed through a two day improvisation "jam session" with the actors. Ciccoritti wrote a "Scriptment" (a combination of a detailed treatment and a script) and filmed the imporvisations to add to the character development and deepen the story. Then he co-wrote the script with two more writers. I was really interested to see how the whole thing would play out on set.

The day I attended was a night shoot. It began with a short scene at the Royal Cinema and then the rest took place at Gatto Nero in Little Italy. The film centres around a tight-knit group of Italian-Canadian men who come together to welcome home a homegrown star. The cultural angle is very important to Ciccorriti's films as is the authenticity of its representation.

It was great to watch Ciccorriti work with his ensemble cast. He was very focused yet gave each actor the freedom to bring something new to the table. Because of the improvised nature of the film from its early stages it was interesting to see how the director would maintain a balance. I was really impressed and loved the lively energy that Ciccorriti brought to set - even at 3am in the morning.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the final film.