Shadowing Harvey Crossland - Murdoch Mysteries

I had the wonderful opportunity of spending two days on the set of "Murdoch Mysteries" and shadowing director Harvey Crossland.The show is now going into it's fifth season and has become a big success in both Canada and internationally. It was great to experience such a well oiled machine in action.


Harvey was wonderful to observe and gave me some great insights about working in television. He kept the atmosphere on set really fun yet focused and was extremely respectful of the crew. I had a chance to discuss his blocking with him and troubleshoot some of the scenes that needed to be condensed. Everyone says that television moves very quickly and I had a chance to see that first hand. The crew is extremely efficient and no time lags between location moves. I also had a chance to discuss the differences between television directing and feature directing with Harvey. Although both require creativity and vision, television requires a  different kind of agility and compromise. Being able to think on your feet and rework scenes to get your day is crucial.


I had a chance to explore the sets and admire some spectacular production design. The studios were originally built for the show "Wind at my Back" and are now undergoing some renovations. It was my first time on a period drama set. Getting to see the details, antique elements and costumes first hand made the whole experience that much more unique.