CFC TV Teasers 2012

I was asked back to shot three CFC TV Teasers with some new talented writers including Dan Trotta, Jon Davis and Chris Roberts. As usual it was very run and gun but my amazing DPs for each shoot made it easy :) Thank you Michael Jari Davidson, James Klopko and Alex Dacev. 

We shot a moody jazz club scene at the Trane Studio and our amazing production designer Jennifer Thomas built an amazing Star Trek/Get Smart inspired atomic bunker set. I also had the pleasure of working with producing super team Jordana Aarons & Heidi Tao Yang.

"The High Note" shoot with producer Heidi Tao Yang & DP Michael Yari Davidson"The High Note" teamOn the set of "Easy Time"On the set of "Atomic Vacation"

You can watch the teasers here: