Pioneers for Change : TIFF Bell Lightbox June 5th

I was recently invited to direct one of six documentaries as part of the Pioneers for Change project. The project highlights outstanding Canadian immigrants who will be honoured at a Gala event happening at TIFF Bell Lightbox on June 5th. The films are being produced by none other than Anneli Ekborn, so I was excited at the opportunity to finally work together.

The person that my film profiles is Navin Chandaria - a highly successful enterpreneur who immigrated to Canada in the mid-seventies and began a business that he currently runs with his son and two daughters. The film focuses on the strong family aspect in both Navin's life and business. We had the wonderful opportunity of shooting in his beautiful family mansion where all four generations live together.

The atmosphere at the shoot was warm, welcoming and lively. The whole family got involved and their enthusiasm was heartwarming. I had a chance to work with an amazing crew. Robert Walsh DP'd and we shot with the RED epic. Chris Godin also did some great b-cam footage for us and Matt Gorman ran the set with style.

Here's a behind the scenes video that was put together for the film:

I'm excited about how the final piece turned out (edited by the wonderful Mike Reisacher) and will post it here shortly.