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Telefilm Golden Box Office Award Event

I had a chance to attend Telefilm’s second annual Golden Box Office Award event last week which honoured the highest grossing English-language Canadian film Splice.

Writer Doug Taylor (Naked Josh) and director Vincenzo Natali (Cube) were awarded $40,000 in cash prizes for their work on the film which grossed $2.1 million in Canada and $26.9 million world-wide. First Weekend Club’s attendance was recognized as an integral force in creating awareness for Canadian theatrical releases.

Last year’s award was presented to the writer & director of Trailer Park Boys:Countdown to Liquor Day which grossed $2.9 million in Canada. The awards ceremony was held in a garage in Halifax. This year the event was held in a small genetics lab at Mount Sinai Hospital drawing on the subject matter and tone of Splice. It was definitely memorable and a great way to showcase a real Canadian success story.

Natali extended many  thanks to Telefilm, saying that the film could not have been made without their continued support.

“Making movies is much like making a monster, you don’t know what terror you’ve wrought until it has escaped from the lab. The fact that Splice was a box office success in its native country is another testament to Telefilm’s foresight and their faith in Canadian filmmakers to produce popular entertainment. Without their support this strange but beautiful creature could never have come to life.”